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7 Ways to Make Your Backyard More Secured in Fort Worth

Your home is your castle,

your oasis, the one place on earth you should always be able to let your guard down and relax. If you’ve paid attention to your home’s exterior security needs, this should be the case.
However, while most of us ensure the front of our home is secure, many people don’t consider the backyard, the access it can provide and the ways to ensure it too is secure. Use these seven simple tips and your castle can be secure, from all angles.

1. Put up a fence

A fence is the single most common identifying feature for people to understand what is yours and what isn’t theirs. While some people may suggest that a fence limits your view or creates boundaries in an otherwise open area, if you’re looking for a secure space and a secure home, this is precisely why you want a fence.
The kind of fence you choose can depend on where you live, the size of your yard and the look you want. For instance, some people may prefer a natural look and opt for a chain link fence bordered by hedge growth. As the hedge matures the fence itself becomes less visible but the secure border is still there.
Others may prefer a wooden fence – and this can be in a variety of heights, again depending on preference – which can then be decorated, accented or highlighted in a variety of ways to become part of the backyard ambiance or décor.

2. Don’t Forget the Gate

While a fence is the first part in identifying and securing your yard, don’t forget to pay attention to the gate and how it is secured. Someone strolling through an unlocked gate looks like they belong. Someone scaling a locked gate looks far more suspicious and will attract more attention from neighbors, which is exactly what you want.
Many people opt to put latch locks on the inside of gates so users have to reach over to release them to enter. This is all well and good in terms of keeping the access invisible but, given the fact that this has become so common, not very effective because it becomes an automatic go to.
Instead consider a lock and key closure. When you have guests coming or when you’re doing yard work and need access, unlock it. When you’re done, lock it back up to ensure no one you haven’t invited gets in.
Companies such as RS Motors & Locksmiths can provide you with a variety of options to suit any budget, and can help you ensure you get the right solution for your needs.

3. Light the yard

Patio lanterns, solar lights, twinkle lights and other decorative lights are a great way to create ambiance and to turn your yard into a living space that is perfect for quiet nights at home, or for entertaining. These are also a great way to light an otherwise dark space to ensure that anyone back there is visible, to those inside, to neighbors from their backyards….
While night may be a burglar’s friend, they definitely prefer the shadows. Light up the night – or at least your little piece of it – and they’ll stay away.

4. Use Motion Lighting

Speaking of lighting up the night, motion sensors are another great way to light up a space. Activated by motion, these lights will provide instant and very bright illumination to any part of your exterior yard when something moves. What better way to surprise someone who shouldn’t be there?
Lights should be positioned at areas of access such as gates and back doors and windows. They should also be set at a height sufficient to be triggered by people but perhaps not by every wandering cat.

SecuredBackYard (Custom)

5. Alarms

Don’t assume an alarm isn’t for you. There are a variety of alarm options that are simple to use and inexpensive, and they can provide the added security you need. Whether it is a whole house alarm or one set to a gate or doorway, an alarm is a clear and definite security measure.
And, whether you have a system or not, get a sign that says you do have on and make it visible. Burglars want to get in and out quickly and quietly. If they even suspect that you might have an alarm of some kind, they’ll look for an easier target.

6. Don’t Help a Burglar

How many times have you heard it or seen it – a home break-in facilitated by the homeowner leaving their garage or back shed – and all of its tools and ladders – accessible to anyone who might need them. Keep your tools, ladders and anything that might be used to gain access to your home, or that of a neighbor, tucked away, locked away and safe.

7. Keep your Yard Tidy and Trimmed

Just as you don’t want to leave the tools for a break-in for potential burglars, so too should you avoid providing places they can hide. Keeping your hedges and trees nicely trimmed, getting rid of low hanging branches on trees so trunks are open and visible, ensures anyone lurking is easily visible and less likely to find a comfortable place from which to observe, or wait.

Follow these simple steps and you too can have a safe, secure oasis at home.