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Attractions in Fort Worth

A visit of anyone to Fort Worth would be of no use if the following attraction in Fort Worth would not be seen by anyone:

Bass Performance Hall:

It is a hall reserved for concerts which has got completed in recent days with the expenditure of $65. The visitors to Bass Performance Hall can enjoy the symphony Orchestra at a very affordable and fresh environment.

Amon Carter Museum of American Art:

This museum has a very unique design which was designed exclusively by a famous architect Philip Johnson. The paintings of the eighteenth and nineteenth century are being exhibited here. In addition to the paintings, sculptures paper work and other monuments of the same era are also placed here for the attraction of the customers.

Fort worth Zoo:

The famous Zoo of the state, the Fort Worth Zoo is the habitat of hundreds of animals from all over the world. It also has some animals which are very rare in rest of the world and are in a danger of extinction.

Fort Worth Botanic Garden:

The only botanic garden of the town, Fort Worth botanic garden exhibits the nature. It is really beautiful and there are present hundreds of plants with many species and types.

Texas Motor Speedway:

If someone wants to enjoy the Indy-Style racing along with the NASCAR, he should visit this Speedway and can enjoy a lot.

Omni Theater:

This theater provides the image view of 180 degrees and if someone wants to have a 180 degree view of the theater, he must visit the Omni Theater.

Sundance Square:

It is a historic and well known district of the town which has got much attraction in it. It is of historic importance.

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