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Fort Worth Auto Repair

Your vehicle requires the same level of dexterity and skilled craftsmanship as your home, auto and office security. That’s why we take seriously Fort Worth auto repair at R.S. Motors & Locksmith. Our Auto Repair Shop is a modern, fully equipped and expertly staffed resource for all of your auto repair needs in Fort Worth. We are adept at handling a whole range of car maintenance tasks and have within our team some of the most skilled mechanics and auto repair technicians in Fort Worth. Why don’t you stop on by for an oil change so we can see what we do best here?

Our glorious Auto Repair Shop here in Fort Worth is like a health spa for your vehicle. We promise to treat your car to the highest level of service, not letting it out until it receives the level of R&R it needs to ensure it runs safely and reliably for you. We specialize in fine and quality automotive repair & car maintenance and perform just about every single auto repair task you could ever imagine, from wheel alignments to smog checks and all that happens in between!

Give us a call or drop by to discuss the full range of services we offer in our Auto Repair and Auto Body Shop in Fort Worth. Or even better still, come by for a walk-in and let us treat your vehicle to the best in auto repair!

Some of our services include: