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Highly Professional Open Trunk Techniques In Fort Worth

RS Motors and Locksmith is a veteran supplier of both auto repair as well as comprehensive locksmith solutions to Fort Worth’s community . We are a locally owned and operated business and as such are committed to offering fellow Fort Worth residents top class auto repair and locksmith services, all of them provided extremely fast and at virtually impossible to beat rates.
We are available for immediate response round the clock, 365 days a year and we guarantee a 30 min ETA to any location within the greater Fort Worth area.
If you find that your car’s trunk won’t open, just give us a call and allow us to utilize our advanced open trunk techniques in order to solve the situation for you ASAP.

Car Trunks Tend To Get Stuck

If you drive cars for long enough chances are you’ll be confronted with a stuck trunk situation sooner or later. The locking mechanisms for trunks are simpler than the ones used on car doors, they are more like those fitted on car hoods. It is enough that a spring slips out of place, a cable breaks or enough dirt accumulates in the lock for malfunctions to occur. Regular maintenance may postpone it and there are makes and models which are less prone to stuck trunks but you should not be too surprised to find that you need expert help in order to open a stuck trunk, help that we at RS Motors and Locksmith will gladly provide.

Top Skilled Techs and State Of The Art Equipment

Two things combined are what ensures our open trunk techniques are the most advanced ones there are. The first is our highly skilled, certified, top of their field techs and the second is that we make sure they have any and all the tools they may need in order to provide you with the perfect open trunk solution.
Opening a stuck trunk is an art form all on its own, just consider how hard it is to get at the faulty mechanism without causing any damage to metal or paint around it. Our techs may use fiber optic viewing ]systems and specially designed tools in order to release the locking mechanism. Once the trunk is open it becomes much easier to fix the problem more thoroughly.

Much More Than Opening Trunks

RS Motors and Locksmith offers the community of Fort Worth much more than the most advanced open trunk techniques. We provide comprehensive auto, residential and commercial locksmith services which include among other things:

  • Chip key duplication
  • Car lockout solutions
  • Lost key replacement
  • Extraction of Keys stuck or broken in ignition switches
  • Lock repair, installation and replacement (any type of lock including high security locks)
  • Security system installation, maintenance
  • Safe cracking
  • Emergency locksmith services
  • Lock picking
  • Master lock system installation, maintenance and repair
  • CCTVs
  • Rekeying for all types of locks
  • Any other type of auto, residential or commercial locksmith service