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Client Testimonials

“I was involved in a nasty collision in downtown Fort Worth last week and my car bore the brunt of the damage. My mom recommended I go to R.S. Motors & Locksmiths for the extensive auto body repair work that was needed, as she’s been using them for years. What a great recommendation! I was so impressed with the careful and professional job that they did, and the price was wonderful for the high standard of work my car received.”  Brenda Chapman

“For some mysterious reason I will probably never understand, the trunk of my car wouldn’t open on Friday morning when I was trying to unload my mother in law’s luggage into the house for her stay. This was embarrassing to say the least! I tried to downplay the problem and distract her with coffee and cake while I snuck off into the den to call my boys at R.S. Motors & Locksmith. The automotive locksmith arrived within half an hour and did some impressively quick open trunk technique work to pop open that trunk in no time at all!” Dan Fieldhouse

“What can I say about the residential locksmiths at R.S. Motors & Locksmith? Only good things! My feelings about their professionalism and good work are best encapsulated by my decision as head of my Condo Association to recommend them to all of our residents for emergency locksmiths. They are the most reliable and best priced in Fort Worth by far.” Paula Luz

“I love the fact that when you have a security question, there is on hand a friendly and informative service right here in Fort Worth that you can call right up and ask without any commitment to sign up for any services. The fact is that the advice you get is so good that you feel confident to want to use them, but you still have the choice to choose elsewhere if you wish. That’s what I call giving the customer the right to make the best decision for themselves!” Anjel Suarez